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Poultry Slats

Poultry Slats supplier and manufacturer

Poultry Slats

Poultry Slats supply by Bala Industries has international standards from high quality to material. Bala Industries are one of the best Poultry Slats Supplier in Pune, Maharastra, India. We provide cleaner and better environment, reduce risk of bird injury and disease, permits higher yield, ease of use, maintenance and tough durability.

Our supplied Poultry Slats do not decline or need to be replaced after each flock of birds. Poultry Slats are used with success under birds of all sizes from little chicks to large chickens.

Plastic Poultry slats last longer than wood, are moisture resistant and easier to clean, and can reduce foot pad and leg problems.

Durability :

Our solid construction is rot/corrosion proof, resists microorganisms build up and sheds waste easily.


Features :

  • Disinfected – easy to clean, inhabits bacterial growth and fully corrosion resistant.
  • Birds secure – reduce breast blistering, leg problems and litter related diseases.
  • Exposure to air – 45% open area permits excellent Manure Filtration with minimum built up and increases ventilation which can accommodate more birds per sq.ft.
  • High weight bearing capacity, person can walk on the slats.
  • Simple to install and Durable.
  • Expenses and maintenance cost is almost reduced.

Performance :

Our Poultry Slats decreases foot pad problems, leg problems, and breast blisters experienced with wood slats. It will easily outlast wood slats.

Price :

Most poultry slats are manufactured outside the United States. We manufacture and supply the best quality poultry slats at the best price.

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Contact Info

Corporate Address: Survey No. 114/A/2, Pune-Sinhagad Road, Jaydeo Nagar, Hingne Khurd, Pune, Maharashtra 410030

Work Address: Gate No.88 Tal. Maval Distt Pune, Jambhul Maharashtra 412106
Contact Person: Mr.Shripad Madhav Ketkar, DGM Operations
Mobile : +91 - 9850099080(DGM)
North Zone: +91 - 9011685312, +91 - 9011687192
South Zone: +91 - 9011685068, +91 - 9011687254
Customer Care: +91 - 7722019742
Work Office Number: +91 - 9011687254