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Environmental Control Sheds

Environmental Control Sheds

Environmental Control Sheds

We are leading Environment control sheds manufacturer in the poultry industry.

If you have decided to have Environment control shed for rearing the farm animals then one thing you must know is that animal domestication should be taken as a process, as it requires certain process and strategies all of which are of extreme importance. The main reason of having a poultry shed is to help the animals adapt to humans.

This adjustment to the caged environment requires the maintenance of certain conditions. We as Environment control sheds manufacturer provide direction to practical use of the product as they are. Here are some of the essential needs and a basic design for the environmentally controlled shed!

Bala Industries have dealt with all of the mentioned requirements with efficiency and extreme concern for making Environment control sheds.


Requirement :

Here is the list of some of the most important variables in bird rearing and infrastructure.

  • Temperature and humidity maintenance
  • Supplementary levels of heating and cooling at all times
  • The amount of nutrient densities consumed by the birds
  • An lift up of the biomass in the shed from time to time
  • Existence of some heat in the litter and all necessary arrangements for meeting the surface requirement
  • The ground area should be kept in mind in the times of heat distribution

Features :

Bala Industries totally focussed about following mentioned features of Environment control sheds.

  • Drop in Ceilings
  • Firm Side Walls
  • Hot and Cold Weather Ventilation
  • Controlling House Environment
  • Alarms and Generators

Strong and Optimally Designed Structure :

  • Fan System to bring down the temp and give required Air Flow.
  • Brooders for proper temp in the first week. (option of gas or electric brooder)
  • Curtain System with winch to adjust curtain levels for proper natural ventilation

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