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Incubator Hatcher D 90000

Incubators and Hatchers

Incubator Hatcher D 90000

The Super D 90 Hatcher is the unique humidification system designed for proper humidity control by atom 'ig stainless steel nozzels. Easily accessible for routine maintenance checks.

Profit Improving Innovations I Computerised Hatchery Management System I Micro-Controller bc.CS Controller.

Eggs are set in less than 5 minutes, without breakage. Two egg racks are rolled in to the incubator, one each side. Each setter holds two rows of six racks. Eggs are set twice a week. Every three days, two new racks are rolled into the setter, while the existing egg racks are rolled further into the machine. Once the eggs are in the incubator, the unique controlling systems takes over the incubation process. The entrance area of the incubator serves as a mixing chamber, blending fresh air brought in through the automatic intake with the air already in the set up. The air is mixed and circulated by six fans. The unique environmental system of D 90 system incube conditioned fresh air to cool the oldest eggs while using the heat and carbon dioxide from these eggs to warm the early developing embryos. Each stage of development receives its proper mixture of heat, moisture and carbon dioxide, producing more the best quality chicks.


Super D 90

Catagory Setter Hatcher
Capacity (with 42 Eggs cap.Egg Flats) 90,720 15,120
Capacity (with 77 Eggs cap.Egg Flats) 83,160 13,860
Trolleys 12 3
Eggs (with 42 Eggs cap.Egg Flats) 90,720 No. of eggs 15,120 No. of eggs
(with 77 Eggs cap.Egg Flats) Trays / Flats / Trolleys 83,160 No. of eggs 13,860 No. of eggs
Dimensions 24'9"(L)x(10')(W)x8'3"(H) 7'2"(L)x9'11"(W)x6'10"(H)
Floor Area 284 Sq.ft 70 Sq.ft.
Power Requirement :-AC 230 V - 50Hz (250 Watts) 9.22 kW 2.8 kW
Water Requirement (Liters / hour) 10 5

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